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The Citizens Crime Prevention Committee members of Deer Lake,NL.CA. says.


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The Deer Lake Citizens Crime Prevention Committee has been in existence for approximately 10 years now and since then we have been trying to answer questions, or analyze answers to questions ,that have been asked for years." Why do people want to steal what others have worked so hard to aquire honestly? Why do certain individuals feel a need to bully their way through life? Why do certain people want to destroy beautification projects in a municipality?
The answers to these questions have been answered, somewhat, by psychiatrists and data derived from years of case histories from law enforcement agencies.
We have been provided with the reasons that most of these criminal acts occur and our existence stems from a need to offer law enforcement agencies much needed assistance in educating the public, not from our expertise or experience in any particular matter, but by offering another avenue in which to channel information to young people about the need to be their own person and not be easily led by a few who are looking for an easy life, at that persons expense, and ultimately leading them  down a road of destruction where the return path could take a lifetime.

Neighbourhood Watch Program.
The Deer Lake Crime Prevention Committee
has done its part in organizing the Neighbourhood Watch Program in Deer Lake.
All the leg work has been done, which entailed distributing information packages to (at the time) every household in Deer Lake. Neighbourhood Watch signs have been placed around town and more have to be placed later.
We hope that the signs alone will be a deterrent to crime in some way.
All block captains have been contacted and put in place. As a Community Minded Group, we have given the town`s citizens a starting point to help protect their property. It`s your investment and if you also look after your neigbours property I`m sure the favour would be returned.
This program is not going to eradicate crime from our midst but it will give law enforcement officials badly needed eyes and ears to aid in their relentless fight against crime.

Tammy Curtis, Gus Adams & Clara Cluett at Xavier junior High


High School Internet Safety Presentation
Internet Safety Presentation

Members of the Deer Lake Crime Prevention Committee and the RCMP gave a "power point" presentation (Internet Safety) to high school students in Deer Lake recently. Pictured from left to right are:
Ft: Students Scott Rubia, Joshua Eastan, Edward Hayden and CP vice-pres. William Hayden
Bk: Students Justin Parsons, James Halfyard, RCMP cst. Guy Dimitroff and CP pres. Gus Adams.

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