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Fishing with Gus Adams

Cloudy Pond
Hynes Brook Grand Lake
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Cloudy Pond
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Some Photos of this cool mountain lake

Checkin` the fly
Checkin` our flies
No Fish! Gotta be the fly!

Camp Site
Camp Site finally after a bone-shakin` ride!
Good Memories

Dino Galloping Gourmet
Out of the water into the pan
Pan-fried sea trout MMMMMM

Dino & Todd I`m behind the camera
Big ones are down in the weed bed

Sunset at Cloudy
Evening Fishing Starts Now

Goose Arm Stream
Leading in from the salt water
Sea Trout & Salmon are here

Dino The Man of many talents
Steak & Onions
I can still smell the onions

Early Morning Mist
Home of the Sea Trout
I hear those 4 pounders callin`

Cloudy Pond
We know the big ones are here

Early Morning
The Mist in Early Morning
See why it`s called Cloudy

Nice days catch
Get the Fryin` Pan on

Better than salmon
Great Stuff

CLoudy Pond is known for its great run of sea-trout and Atlantic Salmon. It is just a mile or so from the ocean, so you can imagin the fight those babies can offer the angler.